M A I N A U 

Original oak tree of Hohengrieben at Bodensee-Isle Mainau !
The inhabitants of Hohengrieben planted an oak tree at the Bodensee-Isle Mainau on Saturday, 17. March 2001 as a symbol for future. The band Schere's street musicians played music while the well tended oak (picture on the right) tree was diged up on Friday morning. A memorial stone and the oak tree were put on a trailer for transportation. the inhabitants left for Mainau at 9.40am.
The old place of the oak tree in Hohengrieben

while planting the oak tree
A lot of guests and the place-name sign of Hohengrieben (the inhabitants had taken it with them when they left the village) joined the plantation of the tree. Countess Sonja Bernadotte, the headmaster of Hohengrieben Dr. Gerhard Schulz and the oldest and youngest inhabitants planted the oak tree. As usual everybody drank to the tree's health.
The inhabitants of Hohengrieben brought some typical things as a gift, for example a book of the history and customs of the Altmark.
countess Sonja Bernadotte impressed by all these gifts
The inhabitants of Hohengrieben say thank you for Family Bernadott's and its team's engagement!